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Eclipse Code Development

Provides a series of quick short-cut reminders for doing basic tasks related to Java code development within the Eclipse IDE.

Eclipse Configuration


For what we want to achieve, we are sometimes forced to work with back-leveled environments. To enable management of this we have adopted a dual (or multi-) path tracking of our development environment.

Eclipse Kepler Environment


This is the configuration documentation for the EATS Eclipse development environment based on Eclipse project Kepler release levels. It was initially created as a Juno release level environment when we targeted EATS to be an Eclipse 4 application. It corresponds to EATS v4.2. It was migrated from Juno to Kepler via an update-in-place.

Eclipse Modeling Technology

This section is dedicated to various technologies developed or supported as part of the Eclipse Modeling Project. As explained in the introduction to this book within our reference library, the technology provided by the Modeling Project is expected to provide significant leverage in the development of EATS.


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