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EATS Glossary

Architected Resource

58: A business oriented or utility resource that is accessed and managed through service contracts that comply with delivery using the EATS framework.

Architected Service

58: A business-oriented or utility service whose technical contract complies with delivery using the EATS framework.

Architected Service Facility

58: A distinct, separately targetable and separately managed software run unit implementing an instance of the EATS framework.

Architectural Engineering

The application of engineering disciplines to the analysis, design and construction of structures or systems. Architectural engineering principally focuses on the engineering and durability qualities (the soundness) of the structure of an architected entity.


Architecture is the arrangement of functions and features within a system that strives for ideal harmony and balance of utility, durability and delight for the stakeholders.

Architecture Description

113: "An Architecture Description [AD] is a work product used to express the Architecture of some System Of Interest. The Standard specifies requirements on ADs. An AD describes one possible Architecture for a System Of Interest. An AD may take the form of a document, a set of models, a model repository, or some other form (AD format is not defined by the Standard)."


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