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Submitted by joe.vansteen on Tue, 04/18/2017 - 17:42

I totally like what Steve Ballmer has done in creating It is the perfect civics book for the internet age.The average intelligence demonstrated by a lot of native Americans indicates that either a whole lot of them were never taught Civics, or they didn't pay much attention in school. Naturalized citizens have to take tests on government before they can be given citizenship, but native Americans appear to not really know how their country works. (Sometimes by design, by people who would just as soon not share the vote with others whom they would prefer to disenfranchise.)

I don't know if it's the only way, but part of one way through the morass of civilization that we've created and jumped headlong into, is through citizen education using consistent tools and factual data to explain just how we get along as an open, democratic society. Government is the institution which binds us as a nation. The focus of the website in terms of detail content explains the facts of our governing demographic and economic metrics organized according to function and mission of the government as defined by the US Constitution.

We need more of these. One thing I am thinking of as I review the Ballmer site is how they are mapping the economy aspects, the financial aspects, to the functions of government, and the mission of government. What's missing, deliberately, is policy - the part that maps the mission of government to the ascribed mission of the country. What else is missing is the possible use of the grouping of function for application to other nations, and for application on a global basis. The web site is reasonably rich in terms of demographic data which would be interesting to see on an international basis. The site becomes a benchmark specification for what could ideally become a facility which would allow an orthogonal view of any selection set to be viewed with the United States appearing in comparison to other nations on the same statistic. 

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