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Architected Futures - Intro and Request for Concept Evaluation

What I am trying to do with this page could be described as a chaordic, Delphi, VOC.

  • Chaordic: organized chaotic (organization)
  • Delphi: a structured communication technique, originally developed as a systematic method which relies on a panel of experts.
  • VOC: Voice of Consumer, a technology within the Six Sigma process set to gather concept expectations, preferences and aversions. 

EATS is a modeling tool, to build models, of models. You can read about that all over the rest of the site. This page is about an exchange between myself, as the designer/developer; and you as a potential interested individual, who may or may not have any other additional affiliations. You could be reading because you just want to do me a favor, in which case I appreciate your support and encouragement. Or, you could be interested for any of a variety of reasons, from personal to whatever. Whatever your reasons, I'm simply soliciting your honest opinions.

There are no forms to fill out, except the Contact Form for the website. How you fill it out is up to you. 

  • If you think the site "is interesting" but you aren't "interested" in where it goes, I'd appreciate hearing you comments about what you find interesting. If you think it's nonsense, gibberish, or a conceptual retread; I'd actually like to hear that too, but I'd appreciate some explanation behind your opinion.
  • If you have some interest in involvement, in whatever form, as I proceed forward, you can use the contact form to tell me what you thought about what I've presented here, something about how it interests you, and what kind of interaction or involvement you'd like to have. Everything is voluntary. I have no resources to offer paid jobs.

Right now I would tend to categorize involvement in two groups:

  1. Early involvement: people interested on developing the next generation, core concepts and facilities
  2. Late involvement: people interested in using the facilities

Most of the "concepts" are usable now, since most of what EATS does is integrate and weave together existing technologies. Six Sigma, Patterns, VSM, etc. The EATS Facility provides integration, and reusability to content and process algorithms that (mostly?) already exist.

The EATS Facility itself, in the form of the Eclipse Java implementation is not available as a general use product. What you see here on the website, is what you get right now in terms of "using the facilities." And this is Drupal, not Eclipse. I'm thinking in terms of an interim, different website to be enabled using a variant of the Compendium software as a next stage in development. That would enable additional "usable" facilities. A decision on that will be made in 1st quarter 2017.

The Ongoing "Project"

  • What : (the vision) Specify and maintain development, of a functional reference implementation of an open source, open architecture, open notes, general purpose, extensible, metamodel-driven architectural engineering model of a reality-based, distributive simulation modeling platform; to include metaverse modeling environments for modeling of current known (mapped) realities, and time projected potential future realities. (Whew! A model-driven, reality based, encyclopedic simulation environment. Still abstract, but not quite as obtuse.) Conceptually, a management gaming environment for applications scaling from personal use to global simulation and forecasting. The focus of the system is to present to the modeler/operator an intelligence and awareness augmentation facility for better decision making based on modeler (user) specified outlooks and preferences (aka bias). Contextual data, metadata and algorithms to be capable of assembly and inclusion on a modular, layered basis. (Further detail forth coming and provided elsewhere on this web site.)
    • Intelligence support functional applications identified include, but are not limited to:
      • Content Creation and Maintenance using the AIR Repository
      • Intelligent cataloging of "external intelligence"
      • Integration of collaborative argumentation facilities
  • Who: me, Joe Van Steen, with any available collaborative assistance from you, and ideally a diversity of others. (Leadership roles open to negotiation.)
    • Input (in most forms) is solicited. Participation is solicited in two forms:
      1. Encouragement as an "interested party"
      2. Voluntary participation in some active form. (Any and all talents appreciated. Talent notation and interests would be appreciated if that's how you choose to respond.)
    • On both parts, I have "band width" issues. This is what I do. According to the IRS it's for fun. If it gets bigger, it needs to be a foundation, it's not a "for profit." I'm also a 68 yo grandpa. I will determine how I move forward with personal involvement largely based on the nature of response.
  • When: I started on this 10 years ago, in one measurement of time, maybe 50 on another. My current Time Event Horizon is based at 1/1/2017 with a 10 year planning projection (currently) focused on 1/1/2027. Details of implementation target description will be a function of initial evaluations and continued interest and enthusiasm. Development to be managed under a Six Sigma MGP planning process with rolling deliverables. The assumption is, if the project lasts 10 years, it might last 100. There is no end forecast for continued use and improvement of facilities of this nature.
    • Responses will be accepted at any time, from any "member" party, i.e., almost anyone, everyone deserves a voice.
    • Responses received before March will be included in concept evaluations for 2017 development activities.
    • Earlier responses receive earlier, and possible more, attention.
    • Response to responses is subject to response volume. (It's only me here right now folks.)
  • Where: Anywhere in the world that logistics allows. I, for one, am staying in Berkeley. Implementation will use both distributed and distributive concepts. This web site can be seen every where there is an internet connection, except for those IPs I have blocked for misbehavior reasons. (Or, so I'm told. However, I need to upgrade hosting services based on expected demand. Otherwise it goes nowhere, it becomes flat lined.) I don't really like most of what exists as "collaboration environment" technology today. Pieces are good, Current aggregations I find lacking, especially for what I am doing. I want a "portal" focused on this task, that looks and acts like an desktop app. That's primarily how I personally interact with it. But web lets you do that from anywhere. So, EATS is a blend that includes web delivery. My thoughts are to "grow out" from this base (, For some history, see Genesis). Subdomains and package extensions can be used to create an expanded environment. Plus, services like GitHub for specialized functions. So, where in terms of interaction and collaboration includes "everywhere."
  • How: That depends on the response. I work from home. I do not plan on folding my tent. I enjoy (some, occasional) travel. I have my own interests. If anyone wants to use any of the ideas and facilities here, in collaboration with my own activities, I am willing to be a "guide." The material is "open" with, or without, guidance. I'm potentially willing to trade for your guidance in your space. Like you, I have limited band-width. Collaboration and cooperation, essentially, is "How."
  • Why: Because I don't see anyone else doing it. Especially not this way. This type of facility has been useful to me in the past, and I think it would be useful to others. And, I'm "retired." (I work more now that I ever did before.) And, I need people to check my work. If you spot errors. Please, let me know. That's why it's fully open for public scrutiny and input as we go. And I think that's how it ought to be done. As basically, a citizens of the planet owned exercise. My personal focus is to speak up for my grandson's future living environment. You may have other motivations. I want to give Mason a useful computer tool to help understand and deal with the planet he lives on. A tool for modeling how things work, why they work that way, and how else they could be made to work.

The rest of this "world" is focused on that "What" element up there at the top.


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