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Nomenclature defines a set of names or terms as are used within a particular discipline to provide distinct definitions for purposes of achieving clarity of communications. The purpose of this page is to define and provide resource links to some of the specific nomenclature used surrounding the technologies associated with or employed by the Architected Futures™ Structured Content Facility, especially with regard to semantic technologies and processing.

Term Description 
Faceted Browsing See: Faceted Search
Faceted Classification  A classifications scheme that allows the assignment of multiple distinctive and mutually exclusive classification categories to an object so that objects in a set can be organized, indexed or filtered according to multiple criteria, for example classifying people by eye color, height, weight and birth date. Each criteria is described as a facet
Faceted Search A technique for searching data that has been organized according to a faceted classification scheme where criteria for multiple facets of the classification scheme are used to filter the object set and isolate the desired elements. (Contrasts with a navigational search where a single facet used to define a hierarchical (taxonomy) structure might be used to search for an element in a set.)
RDF Reification RDF statements consist of three resources combined together into a logical association where one resource is the subject, one resource is the object, and the third resource is the predicate defining the nature of the relationship between the subject and object resources. Reification describes taking the statement as a whole and defining it as a resource, thus allowing it to be used as an element (subject, predicate or object) within another RDF statement.



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