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EATS Narrative

A possible outline to discuss JVS biographical history and define evolution of the site concepts. This can appear under either JVS or under "About the Site" or might make food for a post.

  1. Acme Candle Company, 1970?
  2. 1970's work on CSK and then SIC, then SIC90DBM to support a portfolio system-of-systems.
  3. STACS and reading in The Futurist by and about Murray Turoff and Jacques Vallee about terminal systems for group interaction.
  4. Development of GCMTAD Architecture as a comprehensive, top-down business architecture statement as the content and basis for development of architecture and specifications for support systems.
  5. Engagement of WISE guys and their WISDM techniques, similar to JAD which was emerging at the same time, to build more detailed specification models for capital markets activities. Developed area-by-area models and structured Wang word processing documents.
  6. Development of DModel as a tool to assemble four WISDM models into a single GCMTAD model and to convert Wang documents to a database. Published 8 volume structured encyclopedia of reconciled specifications.
  7. Extension and DModel entity and relationship types to facilitate development of comprehensive procedures and compliance documentation to support regulatory compliance audit.
  8. Development of SysModel as a tool to manage the development of test cases and both manual and automated test scripts for the verification and validation of an automated teller system.
  9. Activities in Enterprise Architecture and related activities involving Six Sigma including views on using prior modeling tools and efforts cooperatively with Six Sigma tools and methods.
  10. Immersion in systems thinking discussions while developing and refining my own models as part of initial Architected Futures development.

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