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EATS e4 Development

This is an overview page for notes and discussion related to EATS development as an Equinox, (Eclipse 4, OSGi) product. The content of this series is based on following the Lars Vogel tutorial set described in Eclipse 4 Application Development1 and online in his web tutorial.


The timeframe of the Vogel book was 2012. Juno was the current Eclipse release (4.2). Our initial use of this material to begin development of the EATS v4.2 code was in April 2014, with Kepler (4.3) still current. The book advocated creating a base platform of the Juno RCP/RAP package. Instead, the initial exercises were conducted using our Kepler Modeling Tools package with amendments. In January 2015 we began a migration of the then current EATS v4.2 code to v4.4 based on an Eclipse Luna environment. In addition, we migrated to the primary EATS UI code from SWT to JavaFX based on the e(fx)clispe project code.

  • For the EATS e4 Tooling supplements, in place of the e4/updates/0.12 we used the more current e4/updates/0.14 to load the e4 tooling (as seems appropriate for our Kepler base)


The following changes were recommended to the default values for plug-in development. These are workspace specific settings and need to be applied at that level.

  1. Include all plug-ins in Eclipse Search.
    Eclipse Search Preferences
  2. Remove warnings for provisional API access. This can also be done at a project-by-project level but is easier to manage across a series of projects at the workspace level.
    Eclipse Warning Preferences

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