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2052 - A Global Forecast

This website is a supplement to the book 2052-A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years, written by Jorgen Randers and first published by Chelsea Green Publishing, Vermont, USA in June 2012. The book itself is an update to the outlook provided by the book Limits to Growth, for which Randers was a co-author. It was compiled as a 2012 update report to The Club of Rome.

The site contains:

  1. the quantitative basis for the 2052 book i.e. the spread sheet
  2. a number of papers by Jorgen Randers that summarize or describe the contents of the 2052 book in various ways
  3. a number of external reviews of the 2052 book, organised by language, and
  4. an example of a presentation of the book, in the form of a slide set and speaking notes
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